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Jireh’s History

JDF since 2003; We stand in the gap for the voiceless
JIREH FOUNDATION also known as Jireh Doo Foundation a non-governmental organization in Nigeria, was initiated by Josephine Habba in March 2003. The organization which began essentially as the initiative of a few concerned individuals with passion to address the injustices meted out on some members of our communities has grown to become such a strong, credible and effective non-governmental organization with established and functioning internal and external organizational structures (Board of Trustees, senior management team, and staff organized under departments and units), multi state operations and linkages with government and other development partners. 
JDF since inception has continued to work with Single Parents and their children the heart of the organization`s interventions. Having worked with these target group, it became eminent that they were faced with the issue of HIV&AIDS as a major epidemic confronting them, as most of them had lost their partners to HIV&AIDS related illnesses or were positive themselves. Working on HIV&AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable Children issues was an aftermath of the organization`s work with Single parents and their children. The organization`s tentacles has in the last ten years spread across several communities in Benue State and Nasarawa States of Nigeria. The organization is renowned for her best practices on Orphans and Vulnerable Children intervention, as the organization`s name has remained synonymous to OVC.
Today the organization is a mentor to several other non-governmental and community based organization, building capacity and empowering communities to take full ownership of interventions. The organization has established strong partnerships with organizations at all levels which has enhanced the quality of service to her key target beneficiaries; single parents and their children, vulnerable children, people living with HIV, people affected by AIDS, youths and other under privileged population. Jireh Doo Foundation being keen about partnership has in the past and currently worked with several organizations such as; Department for International Development, Access to Justice, Gede Foundation, West African Action Network on Small Arms, Civil Society on HIV in Nigeria, Transition Monitoring Group, International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Program aka Center for Integrated Health Programs, Enhancing Nigerians Capacity for AIDS Prevention (ENCAP), PACT and Family Health International (FHI) 360.
Jireh Doo Foundation recognizes the need for collaboration and networking in the achievements of its goals and aspiration, as no single entity can meet the myriads of societies needs alone. We call on all well meaning individuals, organizations and the government to join forces with the organization to be the `voice for the voiceless`.