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July 08

Humanitarian Services
POSTED BY: Admin | COMMENTS: 270 Comments | DATE: July 08, 2017, Saturday
Mrs. shulumshima Terna is a 30 years old mother with two children. She was displaced from Sev-Av in Logo, Benue State in Nigeria due to Fulani herdsmen attack and has been in camp for 15 months without support from any organization. She became part of the Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF) project after a detail assessment was conducted at Gbeji camp in Ukum local government area and enlisted for support. She was given lots of items but she pick interest in two (Mat and LLIN). Having a two month old child, the LLIN was of great benefit for her. She said: the nets will be helpful as I will sleep with my child inside now that the rain is coming and will prevent him from different diseases. For the mat, she narrated that though she had a mat before, it was stolen when she went to deliver her child and she has been sleeping on sacks after it was stolen but now that she has got a new mat, she will use it with her child. She further narrated that the mat is most important to me because I will use it for years even after the other items have finish. She was grateful and appreciated JDF for the support.

Mrs Hauwa Bukkar is 25 years. She is married with 3 kids. She was displaced 2 years ago from Gulani local government area in Yobe State. Hauwa became displaced following Boko Haram attack on her community. She became part of the project following her registration by JDF staff in Ashaka Geri community. Hauwa received food and WASH-NFIs as identified during need assessment. She stated that; the items were very useful, at least we ate well and stored some for the family. Among all items received, she emphasized the importance of food to them because they lacked food. Prior to the distribution, Hauwa and her family used to live on what host community members give to them and sometimes have to buy food for her children. She stated that the project has helped her personally. She said, life has improved in a way as she did not spend a dime on food for a while and we used the money for something else to improve their lives. She however mentioned that the plastic buckets were also useful as they are still using it even though the food will finish someday. She also mentioned the importance of toilets constructed for them as it will improve hygiene especially reducing diarrhea in her children.

Mr Abdullahi Dududu is an IDP hosted in Ashaka Geri host community. He is married with 7 children. He has stayed within the community for a year and 8 months. He was displaced from Yobe state by the insurgency. Dududu became a project participant after registration by JDF during needs assessment and profiling. He got food and none food items from JDF during distribution. He appreciated JDF`s efforts for coming to their aid. The narrated that items received were very useful to him and his family because for 10 days, they did not look for, beg or buy food as they survived on items they were given. He stressed that feeding before the intervention was not easy. He also appreciated the value buckets added to them. He said; the buckets are also useful, at least we use them to store water and other natural drinks (Gruel). He was also happy about the toilet construction stating that him and his family will not be going to the bush anymore to go and defecate and will avoid being bitten by scorpions or snakes in the process. Mr Dududu expressed appreciation to JDF saying that life have improved after the intervention as it paved way for other organizations like Red Cross to come to their aid after JDFs` distribution.

Mr. Garba Audu is an IDP hosted in Wadachi community in Balanga local government of Gombe State. Audu was displaced from Kukawa local government area of Borno State. He is married to 1 wife and has 5 children. Both of them have been displaced for 2 years. Mr. Garba was assessed and provided with food and none food items. He appreciated food items given to him as had he lost his means of livelihood hence making it difficult for him to feed his family. Before providing relief to them, Garba engaged in menial jobs and got assistance from host community members to survive. He explained the usefulness of the project by saying the toilet constructed within our community will curb open defecation as me personally go into bush to defecate before construction of the toilets. He also said that water was a huge challenge for him as his family travel a kilometer up to 2 to 3 times a day to get water but with the borehole being drilled, it will save their water woes. This will also reduce stress especially for women and children who mostly scout for water.
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