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JDF since 2003; We stand in the gap for the voiceless; National Coordinator,JDF
"Jireh Doo Foundation (JDF) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that was established in 2003 and had her corporate identity in 2008. JDF’s uniqueness lies in her interventions for poor and excluded communities including services to single women and their children, orphans and vulnerable children with special considerations for those orphaned by HIV, Persons Living with HIV, Youth as well as advocating for favorable policies for these target group. We make particular effort to nurture partnerships with public institutions, non-governmental organizations and agencies towards improving the lives of women, children, young people and other marginalized populations through participation, service delivery, fund raising, capacity building and networking amongst others in the achievement of sustainable development. The organization has grown over the years in size and structure implementing in 5 strategic thematic areas of HIV and Health, Child Development, Research and Information, Gender and Single parents, Good Governance and Policy and Humanitarian services. She upholds core values such as; respect for human rights, integrity, transparency and accountability, effectiveness, efficiency and value for money. The organization is well structured with the Board of Trustee at the apex. Jireh Doo Foundation operates national and state level structures. Currently, Jireh Doo Foundation maintains 3 states with each state headed by a state programme coordinator. The day –to- day administration of Jireh Doo Foundation is carried out by a management team headed by a national coordinator at the organization’s principal office in Makurdi, the Benue State capital. "